Holi Festival Manila 2019 : Things To Do During the Festival

Holi Festival is nearly approaching. Holi Festival is an annual  Hindu religious festival that is being celebrated in countries like India and Nepal. Luckily, we do not have to travel that far just to celebrate such interesting colorful festivity. Holi has become popular even in Non-Hindus in different parts of the world even here in Philippines. In Manila, this colorful festival has been celebrated since 2013.

What is Holi Festival?

Holi is known as the festival of colors which marks as the arrival of spring, the season of hope and joy. It is being celebrated in India in the month of Phalgun (March).On top of that, the celebration is also being done to signify the victory of good over evil.It is also being celebrated for fun, play, laugh, forget, forgive and also to repair broken relationships.

One distinctive feature of this so-called biggest color festival in India is the use of colored powders known as “Gulal”. The throwing of colorful powders is part of the rituals in Holi Festival which symbolizes friendship, unity, and a sense of revelry. The activity is often accompanied by music and dance.
The Holi Festival 2019 in Manila will be held in March 31, 2019 at North Fountain, SM by the BAY, MOA from 3:30-7:30PM. In its first year, around 800 participants enjoyed the festivities. The number doubled to 1500 in 2014, and last March 2018 they had almost 3000 participants. This year marks their 7th year and they will offer something new and more colorful. Part of this event is a Color fun run which definitely gives you another reason to enjoy this annual colorful celebration.

If this is your first time to attend the Holi Festival 2018 Manila, here are the things you must expect from this colorful annual celebration.


Music and Dances

Holi Festival is not just characterized by lively shades of colored powder thrown up in the air. It is also being celebrated with lively music and accompanied by energetic dances. Various performers will grace the stage showcasing some cultural performances, playing traditional songs and dances and other Bollywood-inspired music. There will be Live DJ and celebrity hosts too

Henna Tattoo

The activities were all related to India. One of them is the free application of Henna Tattoo. Henna Tattoo is actually an ancient body art originated in India. The tattoo has been used for centuries to create beautiful temporary designs on the body.Henna Tattoo or Mehndi, as what the term suggests used the powdered dry leaves of Henna plant. Don’t worry, this is just a temporary tattoo which could only last for a wekk. In addition to that, the ingredients used for the Henna are all natural so you know it is safe to be applied on your skin.


Rangoli is a folk art practiced throughout India. Designs are often drawn on the ground usually in chalk or colored powder and embellished in sand, rice, candles, or flower petals.In the event, the participant will be asked for their preferred pattern. They will be given with the uncolored pattern, a set of colored sand and a glue. Interestingly, Rangoli is also an expression of the creative self, often viewed as the form of self-portraiture. Designs of Rangoli are often based from nature.

The Color Powder

Each Attendee will receive a pack of colored powder which is known as Gulal. You are free to choose which color do you want. The throwing of colorful powders is part of the rituals in Holi Festival which symbolizes friendship, unity, and a sense of revelry. The activity is often accompanied by music and dance. The power is meant to be thrown during each countdown. The event will also throw some packs during the event or you can buy another pack for Php50

The Holi Countdowns

Don’t worry about missing a countdown because there will be multiple countdowns during the event. It was really an entertaining event and one thing I realized about the Indian community, they are seemingly naturally happy people. You can see nothing but their wonderful smile and graceful movements.

Indian Cuisine

The Indian Cuisine is known for their wide range of spices. Indian food is also heavily influenced by religious and cultural choices and traditions. They also serve foods that are specially catered every Holi Festival and of course, celebrating such festival will not be completed without trying their specialties.

3KM Fun Run

One of the newest activities in the event is the 3K Fun Run. If you have been to any of Color Run Manila activities, then it is most likely celebrated in the same manner.The Fun run will start at 6PM but take note that there will be an additional fee for the runners.

Tickets can be availed on the event or via SMTickets.com. This year’s ticket prices : Php300 – For Non Runners and Php650 for Runners.


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