Let’s Explore Manila : The Manila Zoo And The Current Condition of Mali

After our trip to Rizal Park (Check : Rizal Park) , my brother and I went to another notable destination in Manila but this one is actually catered for kiddos. Interestingly, the last time I went here is when I was in Kinder as part of our field trip and since then, I never got the chance to visit the place again. Yes, I am referring to the oldest zoo not just in Manila but in Asia, the Manila Zoological and Botanical Garden or simply the Manila Zoo.IMG_0282tAlthough it has been two decades since the last time I step my foot here, i can still visualize those moments my brother and I had here. I still remember Mali and those giraffes that we fed ( I know there were giraffes here before… err or maybe I was just dreaming). I remember how that silly monkey grabbed my brother’s hair haha.20170102_123857tManila zoo is indeed one of the oldest zoos in Asia. It was established in July 25, 1959. It covers an entire 5.5 hectare of land with over 1000 animals of 90 different species as of 2015. For non Manila residents like us, the entrance fee to the zoo is worth Php100 while Manila residents have the privilage to enter the premises for just half the price (Php50) . They just have to show a valid ID to prove their residency.20170102_123946t


The most popular animal in the zoo is probably Mali (Maali). Mali is the only captive elephant in the country and thus made her the loneliest elephant in the world (that’s most people are claiming). She was transferred in the country from Sri Lanka since 1977. The elephant was confined to a barren, concrete enclosure of the zoo for 40 years which raised the eyebrows of different animal rights organization especially PETA.IMG_0228tSeveral campaigns were built with the aim to free Manila from the zoo and to bring the elephant back to its natural habitat. Contrary to the reports though, Mali’s condition is seemingly not as depressing as what the news told us. Don’t get me wrong , I am not an expert here but Mali is not as malnourished as what we were being told. She looks really old though and yea, you can feel the sadness from her. If only the government will extend effort to improve her condition and bring another elephant on the zoo to be her companion. Elephants are know for socializing so it is really heartbreaking to see her in such solitude.IMG_0225tIMG_0315tYou can only see Mali walking around in circle and is not engage with any other activities. You can also see those white spots around her ears and nose but I cannot tell if its just a sign of aging or some sort of skin disease.IMG_0304tThe fowl smell is very strong in her area too. Although it is painful to watch Mali in such condition, seeing the only captive elephant upclose is truly something to marvel.

IMG_0333tYellow Tortoise
IMG_0344tRed-eared Slider TurtleIMG_0372tLong necked yellow turtleIMG_0384tMonitor LizardIMG_0405tBurmese PythonIMG_0408tIguanasIMG_0347tCrocodileIMG_0362tIMG_0283tHippopotamus (seriosuly it took me awhile but this is the only best shot I got… this hippo didn’t even move a muscle haha)IMG_0257tA wide species of birdsIMG_0273tIMG_0263tJust look at her wonderfully patterned wingsIMG_0293tMr Hippo’s companyIMG_0302tCassowaryIMG_0422tIMG_0443tTamarawIMG_0452tIt’s not a horse, not yet a zebra… it’s Hebra!IMG_0463tIMG_0471tIMG_0484tMonkeys!!!IMG_0495tMonkeys and their routineIMG_0498tThis red face Japanese monkeyIMG_0615tYellow Crocs. Sorry I lost the copy of their names 🙁
IMG_0545tBengal Tiger
IMG_0584tZebuIMG_0578tIMG_0590tGuinea PigsIMG_0598tIMG_0610tIMG_0622tBinturong or BearcatIMG_0625tPeacockIMG_0630tIMG_0645tHelmeted Guineafowl
IMG_0638tThere is also an area in  the zoo known as “Kinder Zoo” which features an educational tour and a lot of fun activities for kids including a bird show, a photo opp with large python , a boat ride and many more. There is , however a separate entrance fee for Kinder Zoo worth Php75 (excluding other activity fees).

►The entrance fee to Manila Zoo is Php100 for non-Manila visitors and Php50 for Manila residents (valid ID should be presented
►The entrance fee to Kinder Zoo is Php75
►There’s also a fee of Php75 for Adventure Jungle Unlimited Wall Climb & Zip Line Ride
►Bundle Packages are also available ranging from Php100 to Php125
►Do not feed the Animals!
►It is also a Botanical Garden so expect to see a wide variety of plants and trees
►Souvenir shops are almost everywhere
►There is an area where you can buy foods and also an area where you are allowed to eat
►You can also avail the Boat Ride in Manila zoo for Php60
►Photo booths with Snakes, Monkeys and Tigers or Birds can range from Php100-Php150
►Manila Zoo is open Everyday (including Holidays) from 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM

How to Get to Manila Zoo
The Zoo is just located near the Manila Hospital and Harrison Plaza so if you are coming from South, simply ride a bus bound to Lawton and drop off to Quirino LRT Station. From there ride pedicab going to Manila Zoo.

Where To Stay in Manila
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So after the Manila Zoo brought up the inner kid in us, we left the zoo in such glee. So if you think we’re done with Intramuros, well, we actually went back to this place to visit our next destination ~ The Baluarte De San Diego and I will post more details about this interesting historical part of Intramuros in my next #LetsExploreManila entry.

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By the Way , Cavite City also has their own Botanical and Zoological Garden – Check: Cavite City Zoo

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2 thoughts on “Let’s Explore Manila : The Manila Zoo And The Current Condition of Mali

  • April 28, 2017 at 2:41 am

    Mali! Oh Mali! This is just so sad that people thought that Mali is not being taken care of. I wish that the government invest more money on this!

    Nice to learn about the Hebra! lol

  • May 1, 2017 at 2:34 pm

    Whether she’s physically healthy or not, I still think it’s best to bring her back to the wild where she belongs. She looks really sad. My heart breaks for animals in capture.


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