Let’s Explore Manila : Baluarte De San Andres And Baluarte De San Diego Of Intramuros

After reminding us our childhood days in Manila Zoo (Check : Let’s Explore Manila : Manila Zoo), we went back to Intramuros not for another long tour but to visit a particular site that we’ve missed in our first day (Check : Let’s Explore Manila : Intramuros Part 1). Well, we realized that Intramuros is just too huge to be explored in one day and by the time that we were about to drop by here, the place was already closed and that gave us no choice but to go back the next day. I am referring to one of the most popular bastions in Intramuros, the Baluarte De San Diego!20170102_145431tPrior to Baluarte De San Diego, we actually lost our way but we ended up spotting another interesting site, the Baluarte De San Andres.
20170102_142329tInterestingly, the Baluarte De San Andres is just in front of the Manila Bulletin building (a place where the old Recoletos Church and Convent was once situated before utterly damaged during the second World War). The Baluarte was built in 1603 to protect the Puerto Real and the South eastern part of Intramuros. The Baluarte was reconstructed in 1733 with addition of bombproof arsenal for gunpowder, a watchtower and soldier’s barracks. The barracks is now their police outpost.20170102_142547tThe place is also called Baluarte De San Nicolas as the place was situated just in front of the Iglesia de San Nicolas de Tolentino. The Baluarte was destroyed during the British Siege of Manila in 1762 and was rebuilt after the British occupation. Unfortunately the Baluarte was one of the defensive walls that were merely damaged during the second world war. It was reconstructed in 1987.
20170102_142816tOne of the watchtowers in Baluarte De San Andres. Canons were previously displayed in the area but we’can’t find any for unknown reasons.20170102_143023tThe place may not have much to offer but it can give you can get a great view of other notable places in both Manila and Intramuros from above. 20170102_142608tThe Manila Bulletin Newspaper building is just few walks away from here20170102_142627tWhile the Manila City Hall can be spotted from the other side along with that luscious green and wonderful landscape of Club Intramuros Golf Course.IMG_0662tA closer and magnified view of the Manila City HallIMG_0652tThe clock tower of Manila City Hall20170102_144457tWhile walking along the Muralla Street, we spotted some caged rooms with so many memorabilia on display including old cannons, artilleries, church items like bells and various weapons as well. 20170102_144846tAfter few walks, we finally found the Baluarte De San Diego and much like the Fort Santiago (Check Fort Santiago), the place can be accessed with minimal entrance fee. The entrance fee here is worth Php75 per head 20170102_144957tBefore reaching the Bastion, you will be welcomed by some interesting items including this old steam locomotive.20170102_145049tA rusty metal cog wheels along with other seemingly old mechanisms outside the Baluarte. It is also interesting to note that the Baluarte is now a garden and had become one of the most ideal wedding venues in Manila.20170102_150346tNot too far from the Bastion is a colorful garden filled with different flowers and plants20170102_145218tThe Magnificent view of the Bastion. The bastion is a protruding structure with facing flanks built along the cortina. The purpose of its projection was to ensure a clearer view of the cortina for the artillery – in order for them to prepare against invaders. The bastion has two parts; face (which projected outward) and flanks (connecting the face and the cortina, or the curtain wall). Several developments were added in the course of time such as addition of semi-circular structures at the base called orillons or little ears making the bastion resemble an ace-of-spades shape. [Wikipedia]20170102_145447t20170102_145610tThe bastion was not fully accessible. They put barricades along the bastion and allotted limited spaces for the visitors to marvel the beauty of this unearthed part of Philippine history. Weddings are being held here too and is absolutely a perfect venue for prenup and photoshoots.
20170102_145851tYou can also spot watchtowers nearby. According to my brother, this place used to be one of the sets of GMA’s fantasy series Encantadia 20170102_145519tIntramuros is truly a great place to visit. The place is like a time capsule that will bring you to an unforgettable journey to the past. It was truly amazing how they managed to maintain the place. It may not be able to bring its former glory back but we can still appreciate the efforts made to restore this historical city of Intramuros. If the walls can only speak, they sure have a lot of stories to tell.

►There is NO entrance fee to Baluarte De San Andres. You can access the place for free and located just in front of the Manila Bulletin Building
►Comfort Rooms are available in Baluarte De San Andres. Just approach any of the assigned police in the outpost.
►The entrance fee to Baluarte De San Diego is Php75 (adult) and Php50 for Children or students
►Baluarte De San Diego also offers wedding or prenup packages

►Baluarte de San Andres is located along the Muralla St. The most notable landmark is the Manila Bulletin Building.

►Baluarte De San Diego can be found in the corner of Muralla St and Sta Lucia St.It is just few walks away from the Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila (PLM)

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Speaking of history, I am going to post another Intramuros related entry before we proceed to our last destination in Manila. Did you know that there were seven churches in Intramuros prior to the second world war? We’re going to dig more about this part of Intramuros’ history in my next entry

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