How to Cure Sinusitis

I was so worried last week when my younger brother Milzon suffered a lot from high fever. He got an on and off flu and i was so afraid because i thought that it might be Dengue fever. Before it’s too late, we rushed him to the nearest center so that he will be given immediate medical action. Thank God, it was not Dengue. The recurring flu is all because of the inflamed gum. And speaking of inflammation, i am afraid that this sever headache that i am experiencing right now is an indication that i have sinusitis. The sinuses can become inflamed which leads to an infection known as sinusitis. It is the inflammation of the sinuses and nasal passages which causes pressure which isĀ  often experienced in the cheek area, eyes, nose and on one side of the head which can result to a severe headache. I am not so sure what exactly can cause sinusitis but to prevent any worst case scenario, i decided to consult our family doctor and asked him about the Cures for sinus infection. I am really not aware on How to treat sinus infection but according to him, Sinusitis can be treated by medication. It will reduce the swelling and will eliminate infection. Sinusitis can also be eliminated by surgery. I also went online to check if there are other Treatment for sinus infection other than surgery. There are some medical related sites that are very useful and informative especially when you are looking for a treatment for a certain kind of disease like Sinusitis. Just like what they said, ” Prevention is better than cure” ! Take note that acute sinusitisĀ  can lead to some acute respiratory-related illness like pneumoniae and influenzae but if it is treated early and appropriately, sinus infections will clear up immediately.

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