My First Job Hunt In Makati

Finally, I got a chance to share you my first serious job hunt in Makati. Well, It’s been more than a year since the last time I worked under an Employer, since then, I decided to work at home as a Freelance web writer. Being a Freelance writer has never been an easy task. Even though I have my own time, i still have to stay online the whole day and also to meet all the deadlines I have. What’s a Freelance Web Writer? Well, as what the job title suggests, I am working a Freelancer. I used to write reviews or articles on a certain products, services, websites and more based on the request of the advertisers. I’m not really sure if it’s the best term to describe my job but one thing for sure, I am making money online using my blogs and websites. The Income is good enough to support all my needs and also to support my family, however, unlike those typical jobs, the compensation here is quite tentative and not stable enough. I also don’t have those necessary benefits that every employees should have. This is my main reason why i decided to look for a new job. Unfortunately, we don’t have much companies here in Cavite which will suit my resume. Remember, I am an undergrad so it is quite hard for me to be hired easily. A friend of mine encouraged me to hit Makati and look for latest job openings. Of course, i decided to look available jobs online first. It is very frustrating that almost all online job searches today are populated with the same kind of job industries. Expect to see jobs related to Call centers, Office Staffs, and SEO specialists. Actually I was aiming to be in an Office job, however, as you can recall, I was scammed by a company last 2008 (check my post here) so since then, I try not to deal with any company that is looking for an office staff or other related position. So I have no choice, even though I hate to be in a call center industry again, I really have to. I set my own goal that I should have a job before the year ends so really have to rush myself to get a new job. I worked as a TSR before so somehow, i am familiar with the drill and I am aware how stressing the job was.

Fortunately, I found a job opening for a Local Call center somewhere in Makati. It is Day Shift, it is Local, and the compensation is not much different from other call centers. This might be a Signal call for me so I grabbed that opportunity and send my resume online provided with a cover letter. The day after my submission, I received a text message from their HR personnel inviting me for initial interview and exam.

Things went fast after the interview. The rest of my Job Hunt Experience in Makati in my next entries…

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