The Science of Sleep

Due to the global economic upheaval, local companies have become competitive when it comes to the services and products that they offer. This rings true especially to those from the business process outsourcing industry.

As a result, more has been expected from employees. After all, bigger output and better quality can always lure in more clients and customers.

With higher demands and heavier job-related pressures, SLEEP becomes less of a priority. Some even develop sleep disorders sue to stress brought about by work.

After all, why sleep is you can spend the waking hours producing more work or at less thinking of ways to improve work?

In reality though, work eventually suffers with lack of sleep. According to some specialist, a sleep deprived person is unable to mulit-task and has an impaired memory.

Studies have proven that sleep is reasonable in storing new information in the memory through a process called memory consolidation. Further studies showed that sleep-deprived people have bigger tendency to fail in newly learned tasks.

So you have to be aware of this and take a time to sleep. In some serious cases, they use sleep enhancers.

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