Teaching Preparations


Teaching kids will test your patients so the most important thing that you have to consider is to control your temper. Never shout , scold, hit or whip them because of their mistakes or because its hard for them to pick up your words. This practices will loose their motivation to their studies and may lose their focus or concentration in their school works. Patience is a virtue remember? Getting errors are very normal for kids but you do not have to worry ,through this error, they will learn. I’ve been working as a part-time tutor since i was in high school. After going to school, my next destination is not to our house but to those children that im teaching with. My role as a tutor is not to do their homeworks or assignments but to teach them how to do such things. I will serve as their guide. If ever they have questions, i dont gave the exact answers but instead i gave them relevant information that will help them to know the answer. They should do it by their own. This post will give prior to your role as a parent or as a guardian and what are your responsibilities. For me, even though im not a parent yet, i would like to advice to teach your kid personally instead of hiring a tutor. In this way, they will be more comfortable. In teaching your kid, you have to prepared yourself. Here are some preparations that you have to follow.
Rendering your Time
You have to render a time for your kids. Im not referring to some bonding session here but to establish a study habit for your kid. We have to teach them how to balance everything. They should have a time for playing and a time to study.
You have to focus yourself in teaching your child. It is advisable that you’re done with all your works and some house chores before teaching your child. This will help you to concentrate with what you are doing.
Child Psychology
You have to know of how child psychology works. Kids have their own attitudes and they can be very moody in terms of studying. You have to be observant and look for some ways how to handle your child.
Study and Share
We have to admit that sometimes we forgot what we’ve learned in our academic subjects. Sometimes, it is good that you read books and refresh your knowledge so in case that they will ask you something, you know what’s the answer.

As ive said, you have to control your temper and never scold them for their mistakes. You have to teach them nicely. Kids may took for granted for being nice so you have to be fair. Dont be too nice though you do not have to be too bad. Remember, you have to set your limitation.
Observing their Progress
You have to observe how much will they improve. It is good if you will try to refresh their minds and ask questions that you’ve tackled before. Ask them repeatedly if necessarily.

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