10 YouTube Cover Artists That You’ll Never Get Tired Listening With

YouTube has become a platform for young artists to showcase their incredible talents. Interestingly, some of the big stars we have today started out their career in YouTube. Aside from their wonderful original compositions, what I really like the most is their brilliant covers. Honestly some covers were executed much better than the originals. I really enjoyed listening to covers and in fact there were times that I spent 4-6 hours listening to those YouTube covers I saved on my own playlist. Listed below are ten of my favorite YouTube Cover Artists. You will never get tired listening to their wonderful rendition of some of our favorite songs.

#10 – Leroy Sanchez
maxresdefault (1)  #9 – Travis Atreo style-taylor-swift-cover-by-trav

#8 Drew Dawson Davis
maxresdefault (2) #7 – Sam Tsui maxresdefault (3)

#6 – Jayesslee
maxresdefault (4) #5 – Christina Grimmie maxresdefault (5)

#4 – Conor Maynard
maxresdefault (8) #3 – Madilyn Bailey maxresdefault (7)

#2 – Pentatonix
maxresdefault (6) #1 – Boyce Avenue a292806d58408fcbb7c55ca652086c86

Of course, nothing beats my own covers haha. Just kidding, I don’t think I have such skills to imitate these incredible artists. These people managed to get the perfect formula that pushed them on the limelight! Aside from their powerful vocals, they matched it perfectly with charisma and of course they armed themselves with those high end music tools including those professional microphones, tubetape echo amplifiers and those sound editing softwares. Not to mention the high end camera and impressive cinematography that transforms their cover videos into a professional music video. How about you, who is your favorite YouTube Cover artists?

2 thoughts on “10 YouTube Cover Artists That You’ll Never Get Tired Listening With

    • December 8, 2015 at 12:46 am

      LOL…they are Youtube celebrities who used to cover different songs.. you should try to listen to them .. they are so talented


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