Five Innovative Gadgets Every Artistic Traveler Will Love

With amazing scenery, colorful ambiance and soothing atmosphere, it is not really surprising why outdoor is one of the most beloved venues and subjects for both painters and photographers. Interestingly, artistic travelers are finding new ways to showcase their talents and are not just settling with their traditional mediums. We often visualize them with their canvass and their brush tools but with all the modern advancement today, we should expect to see them with high end gadgets with revolutionizing features.

The tools they are using today are becoming more and more innovative because of all the modern technologies we are embracing. So we gathered some of the newest gadgets that every artistic traveler will surely enjoy!



iPhone users will surely appreciate this wonderful gadget the most! Turnikit will definitely put mobile photography into an all new professional level. This particular gadget is aptly described as a “lens adapter” which allows the user to attach either their Canon or Nikon lenses directly to their iPhone through special case and produce high quality photos.

This, however, will only work with specific iPhone models with specific type of lenses. Turnikit will work with iPhone 5 and above and is compatible with Canon EF lenses & EFS lenses. Also with Nikon Ai, Ai-s & AF-D lenses. With this gadget, you can instantly transform your mobile photos into amazing and professionally taken images.

Why it is good for travelers?
Portability is what makes this gadget stand out. Instead of bringing those bulky and heavy cameras, all you need is your iPhone and your camera lenses! On top of that, Turnikit is also compatible with various mobile apps and other great effects that turn photos more appealing and artistic.


Evernote Notebook by Moleskine

Whether you are the type of traveler who loves to jot down notes or the one who loves to make impromptu scribbles and sketches, this Evernote Notebooks by Moleskine is a perfect fit for you. These notebooks are specially designed to make digitalized version of handwritten notes and drawings. It comes with variety of size and type. Artistic travelers can benefit more with their Sketchbook. It has thicker paper designed for the durability required for drawings and illustrations.

Evernote comes with an app (both applicable to iOS and Android phones). Through Evernote camera, you can capture the pages and save them to your Evernote account, allowing you to organize everything. They also come with Smart Stickers which allow users to tag their page and categorize them all accordingly.

Why it is good for travelers?
Documenting has never been so easy with this gadget. The fear of losing your documents and sketches while you travel will be lessened as users can save their works with their Evernote account instantly. It also allows users to share it with their social media accounts!


Cube by Palette

Cube by Palette is described as a portable color digitizer. If you know how Adobe Photoshop works, then this is more like a real-version of the Color Picker tool. This highly innovative gadget allows you to capture any color on any surface. Interestingly, you can capture the colors either from paint or even from fabric in just one tap.

It works like magic but there’s definitely a science behind it. Interestingly, this gadget is more than just capturing the colors. This can be integrated with various apps including the so-called Cube Companion App (downloadable on both iOS and Android App Store) which has the ability match colors and their respective names. This makes it an ideal gadget for house designers. You can also import the colors directly to Photoshop

Why it is good for travelers?
Cube is built to always be with you. It is very portable that you can even put it inside your pocket. Well, inspiration can strike anywhere at any time after all. Those artists who are very keen to details and always striving for accuracy will definitely love this tool!


Solar Paper by Yolk

Technically, this gadget may not be considered in digital art category but it is certainly included in “shut-up-and-take-my-money” list of items. Solar Paper by Yolk as what the term suggest is basically a small and extremely portable solar charger. It is in fact considered as the world’s thinnest solar charger ever existed. Each panel is just 0.2cm thick and you can literally put them between the pages of a book.

Solar paper can charge almost any device that recharges via USB which includes smartphones, tablets, flashlights, portable gaming consoles, cameras and more. It is said that this solar paper can charge your tablets for just 2.5 hours which is technically not much of a difference from a wall charger. What makes it even more appealing is the fact that you can increase the wattage by simply attaching more panels into it.

Why is it good for travelers?
It is not just the thinnest but also the lightest solar panel ever created which makes it an ideal travel buddy. As long as there is a strong sun source, you can use this item to its full potential. It is also interesting to note that Solar Paper is water resistant too! Interestingly, you can enjoy gadgets without it ruining your wallet, by utilizing awesome discounts avail through OZCodes.  It has tons of offers on electronic and latest gadgets from its leading retailers like AliExpress, ThinkGeek etc


Drawing Tablet

Drawing tablets are not really new in the industry. You can trace back their early versions since the 50s but the technology are constantly and rapidly evolving transforming these tablets to a more revolutionary tool. Today, drawing tablets are being used and enjoyed by both professionals and nonprofessionals. They vary in terms of their features and capabilities but one thing is for sure, these gadgets can instantly digitize your work and allows you to edit them like a pro. One of the best drawing tablets ever launched this year includes Turcom Drawing Pen Tablet which is very ideal for beginners. It is also lightweight and portable that makes it a great travel companion.

YouTuber Aaron Rutten had his Digital Painting Outdoor series in his channel that showed aspiring digital artists how to efficiently use drawing tablets for outdoor paintings. He uses Wacom Cintiq Companion 2 which is a drawing tablet and a computer all at one. Instead of using the traditional canvas paper, he placed his drawing tablet on his easel and use his drawing pen instead of his brush and yet he managed to produce a masterpiece in no time!

Why is it good for travelers?
Artistic travelers will surely benefit from these drawing tablets the most. They are portable and travel friendly. They are not messy and user has the ability to edit his works without wasting any canvas paper or better yet not consuming so much time.
Which of these gadgets would you like to have?

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