Feng Shui

Do you beleived in Feng Shui?

This Buddha was given to me by a friend telling that this will give us a good luck. She advices me to place it in our living room. I placed it on our center table and i add pieces of Jade crystals.
Today, feng shui is practiced not only by the Chinese, but also by Westerners. However, with the passage of time and feng shui’s popularization in the West, much of the knowledge behind it has been lost in translation, not paid proper attention to, frowned upon, or scorned.
Even today feng shui is so important to some people that they use it for healing purposes, separate from western medical practice, in addition to using it to guide their businesses and create a peaceful atmosphere in their homes.
The buddha that i have was holding a “gold Sycee” which symbolizes prosperity.
TheĀ  Dragon that surrounds the budha stands for my zodiac sign in Chinese Calendar.
While the Jade Crystals will gbring you wealth.

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