Playing Scrabble Again

I’m playing Scrabble again and i guess i will be playing it over and over again. It’s very addicting however, it’s kinda hopeless to me to beat my opponent.. Sobs…

The game was installed in my Desktop computer. I had it since we bought the used CPU from our neighbor. Well, he offered it to us after he finds out that my i am also looking for a CPU to replace the broken one. He offered it at a very low costs and it seems that it is still on a good condition so i grabbed it.

Anyway, he deleted some of the programs installed in the hard drive except for the “Game House” software. The programs composed of almost 30 flash games including my all time favorites like Feeding Frenzy, Hamster Ball, Text Twist and the Scrabble of course.

The game can be played by two players but if you want a more challenging Scrabble game, then better try beating “Maven”, the computer generated opponent. It has 8 stages starting from “Novice” to “Perfect”

Beating him up on the first 4 stages is kinda easy but the rest of the stages will be very difficult. As you can see I am still on the “Master” stage and i guess it will be very impossible for me to advance on the next round because Maven is damn so good at this stage.

I hate the part when he gets “Bingo”. You’ll get Bingo when you were to use all the seven tiles given to you. And then you’ll get additional 50 points for that.

See the scoreboard? I got 53 points against 133! What’s up with that??? I’m still trying to beat Maven until now… I think i have to play it dirty hahaha will bring dictionary with me to help me constructing good words!

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