Game Session with Milzon

I used to play games alone. I just can’t share my games with Milzon because they are too mature (and it’s not what you think huh). Most of them is too gore and bloody while others are too complicated for him to understand and I just can’t explain to him every single details of it. Milzon is a type of kid who keep on asking questions until he fully understand it.

Actually, it’s very funny but every time we watch English movies, we have to translate every dialogues to him haha. Same thing goes with the games he played either on his gameboy or on my PC.

There’s one game that Milzon and I were playing together without the need of  any explanation. The game is entitled “Fireboy and Watergirl: Light Temple” It is a two player 2d platform browsergame. We really enjoy playing this game because aside from being child-friendly, it will also measure how creative you are in making decisions. We are almost done with the game and I think we only have 3 more stages left to finish it. Replaying this game would be a bit boring so i better start looking for some fun and child-friendly browsergames online. Any suggestions?

One thought on “Game Session with Milzon

  • February 26, 2011 at 3:06 am

    My nephews are addicted to Super Mario Galaxy… how about that? I'm not a big fan of computer games….can;t even remember the last time I played Restaurant City on Facebook, and that was one game that I used to play a lot.


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