Explore The World of Star Wars: The Old Republic

Have you been to Korriban? How about Nul Hutta? If you haven’t watched any Star Wars films or read any of its books, then you may not be familiar with these two planets. Korriban is the planet inhabited by the Sith Race while Nul Hutta is obviously for Hutts (Jabba is one of them). Korriban, Nul Hutta and so as other planets including Ord Mantell, Thyton(ancient homeworld of the Jedi), Coruscant, and more are said to be featured on the upcoming Star Wars: The Old Republic MMORPG game.

I have read some Star Wars The Old Republic Guides online to check what are the interesting and new features this game has to offer. Crafting is one of the major gameplay features in this game which is really interesting. It allows you to have companions to create and gather items out in the world.

I think the Old Republic that they are referring here is the Galactic Republic that was re-established as the New Republic after the downfall of the Galactic Empire. Of course aside from the planets, the game will also feature different classes including Bounty Hunter, Sith Warrior, Trooper, Smugler, Jedi Knight, and more.

Here you can watch the Game Trailer here.

This game is really something to look forward too. Again, you can visit some SWTOR Guides to help you out understanding the whole gameplay.

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