The Results

Yay! We got the results! Yup! I am referring to Milzon’s periodical exam. We just got the results last Friday and we’re very happy to see the good outcome of all our sacrifices. I taught him for almost 2 weeks and we reviewed every single details of his notes. The exam was divided into 5 subjects; Filipino, English, Makabayan, Character Education and Mathematics. I am so proud to tell you guys that Milzon were able to pass them all! He got high marks in each subjects especially in Math and English. He got a total average of 87.6 which is 20% higher than what he got last grading period. Anyway, it was a great relief for both of us.

And as for my Final Exam which was recently held last week, I am hoping to get scores that are as satisfying as my little brother. I still, somehow feel a bit tense about it. I gave my best and hopefully I’ll get good results too. As soon as I get the results and as soon as i find them good and satisfying, i will definitely call for a celebration haha. Well Milzon and I deserves a treat for all those hard work and brain-draining reviews. The results will be given to us this coming Monday and after that, i can now play my favorite video games without any worries Haha. Okay, i know it sounds too childish but it’s been awhile since i played my favorite video and Casino games. I am longing to play them again especially now that i have found a new Casino site that offers tons of wonderful and entertaining easy-to-play casino games. I miss playing Roulette and Keno and also the slot machines. We have some Casino offline games downloaded in my PC but they are not as interesting and exciting as online casinos. Online games are more challenging because you are about to deal with online real players.

Anyway, i am restricting myself to play any games since I don’t have the results yet. Wish me luck guys.

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  • January 30, 2011 at 9:44 pm

    Good job Milzon! and goodluck to you bro, gogogo!


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