Beating the Master!

I thought it would be easy! Beating him is nothing now but a dream. It seems like i am a cat fighting against a lion. I underestimated him and now winning the battle against him is hopeless.

Okay! I know it sounds dramatic but i am just simply referring to the Scrabble game on my PC. You know what Scrabble is! And I’m sure you have it at home too whether the traditional board game or the downloadable game on the PC. Scrabble is one of the word games that you will definitely enjoy playing over and over again. It is very intellectual and will absolutely improve your vocabulary skills.

Now let’s go back with the Drama. Computer Scrabble has 8 levels ranging from Novice to Perfect round.

Well, your goal is to beat Maven, the computer operated opponent. Beating him from level 1 to 4 is kinda easy. You can still manage to beat him on the 5th round but when you reached level 6 which is the Master round, your winning chances will be lowered down. Here, Maven will get a lot of “Bingos”

You’ll get Bingo when you were able to use all the seven tiles given to you! You’ll get additional 50 points for that. And you’ll get irritated when you see the huge difference between your points. Well, if i am having a hard time to beat Maven on the 6th round, what’s more with the Champion and and Perfect rounds right? Well, it’s been three weeks now and i am still trying my best to beat him in this round. Maybe, only highly intellectual people can manage to beat Maven here or maybe i’ll start playing it dirty by looking at the dictionary in each turn LOL. But of course you cannot appreciate your winnings by doing that thing so better play it fair.

Well beating him is like a hopeless dream already so i better start giving up and play online casinos instead. Unlike scrabble, these games are not requiring players with high vocabulary skills. If you know how to play the game and if you know how to make wise decision despite of any difficult situations, then you have nothing to worry about your winnings. Unlike the Scrabble, you will not be dealing with a computer generated opponents here. You will be dealing with real online players here which makes the game a little bit more exciting. However, there are also casino games that are computer generated but you have no opponents to beat like online slots and roulette. So if you’re tired of playing with Maven, then better find best casino online.

Okay… now lemme try it again one more time…

….building strong words…

trying to get bingos….

Here comes Maven ….

he’s on the lead….

Damn! i failed again! Sobs!

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