My Favorite Solitaire Games

Hi guys, I actually don’t have any idea on what to post right now. My “Rizal” post will be postponed for awhile but I will do it pretty soon but for the mean time, allow me to share some of the notable solitary card games that I used to play with if I have enough time to spare. I grew up with my grandma and she taught me about these games which are ideal to keep myself away from boredom.

Photobucket This one is probably the most common Solitaire game that we are all familiar with. We called it Klondike. ll the 52 cards will be used for this exciting game excluding the jokers. The ranking of card ranges from Ace to King where Ace is the lowest. Your goal is complete all the four foundations which pertain to the four suits (Heart, Clover, Spade and Diamonds). Please refer to the image shown on the Left for the card arrangements in Klondike. The game is composed of four different sections. The Upper part is where the Foundation can be placed. The 7 columns beneath the foundation is called the “Tableau“. The Remaining cards are your Deck and the cards drawn from the deck will be placed on your Waste pile. The tableau can be built down by alternating colors regardless of their suit and they should be arranged in descending order (King to Ace). You can draw 3 cards at a time from your deck and you can redeal as many times as you wish. The game is over if you can’t do any moves or if you successfully completed all the four foundations.


PhotobucketMy grandma used to call it Alternate but it will somehow remind you of Free cell. It shares the same concept with Klondike where in your goal is to complete all the four foundations. However, since all the 52 cards are laid out here, no decks or waste pile is involved. The tableau is built again by alternate colors regardless of their suit. It works exactly as Klondike but differs the way the cards are arranged.




Pyramid is one of my favorite patience game. As what the term suggest, the cards are arranged in a pyramid style. Unlike the first two games, no tableau and foundation are involved here. PhotobucketYour goal is to eliminate all the cards. Generally, you have to remove a pair of cards that sums up to 13. Rankings are based on the typical solitaire game at rummy ares where Kings are 13, Queens are 12 , Jacks are 11 and Aces are 1. Regardless of what suit the card belongs to, as long as you can sum them up in 13, you can remove them instantly in the game. King can be removed alone since the value is already 13. Pyramid Solitaire is more likely considered as a game of chance because your fate depends on the cards presented on your field. No other strategy or any extensive knowledge to be applied to maximize your chances of winning. You just need to stay focus and concentrate to the cards to avoid overlooking of possible moves

PhotobucketThis game is probably the simplest yet the most challenging of them all. We called it 10,20, 30. The goal is to removed all the cards from the deck by forming three cards that sums up to either 10, 20, or 30. King, Queen and Jack are equivalent to 10. You can draw one card at a time and make sure not to overlook any possible move because one you draw a card and placed it over the top most card, you cannot undo the process.

How about you, what’s your favorite Solitaire game?

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