Extensive Preparations

Time is really running so fast. August will end up so soon and we are about to approach the so-called “Ber” months (September-December). Several special occasions will arrive soon and I have to prepare myself not just physically and mentally but I should also be financially prepared knowing that I am going to shoulder most of these upcoming heavy expenses. Milzon will turn 9 this coming September 4 while Mirasol will turn 16 on the 13th day of November while dad will celebrate his 49th birthday this coming October. On top of that, Christmas is a huge celebration that requires an extensive amount of preparation too. My Birthday will be on the 27th of December which is just 2 days after Christmas and 4 days before New Year. That’s a lot of celebration indeed and I’m just too excited about them.

We are also considering to renovate our house this coming months so I’m going to be extremely busy. Speaking of this renovation, I was thinking of giving my small room a little make over. As you can see, it is not as big and spacy and that’s exactly what my problem is.  I am aiming for a huge space to accommodate some of my personal furniture and especially now that I need enough working area for my polymer clays. Mom is encouraging me to do some rearrangements too. She would like to eliminate these long curtains too that makes my room a bit darker. I guess stylish custom valances are good enough to make my room a bit brighter and more appealing.

Anyway, I know most of you guys are wondering why I am not updating this blog as frequently as before and I would like to grab this opportunity to ask for an apology about this matter. It just so happened that I’m too busy preparing for my upcoming business. I just placed my order last week and I am ready to showcase my crafts by the end of this month. Thank you guys for the support. I will try my best to catch up soon.

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