A Gift And Invitation

I am so lucky to have a friend like Fida and i want to grab this opportunity to thank her for sending me this greeting cards. I know i should have thank you much earlier but i failed to post this entry because of my busy schedule. Thank you Fida for sending me a wonderful card enclosed with a calendar magnet and a wallet calendar. They are simply wonderful and i will really treasure this gift. Fida Abbott is an English writer and was able to produce a lot of novels already. I met her online but never got a chance to meet her personally. She had a blog contest before and i am so lucky she has chosen to be the winner of her novel Enthusiasm. I really enjoyed reading her book. Enthusiasm is really an inspiring book and tells her own story and her journey towards success. She has been with a lot of challenges and was able to surpassed them all until she became a successful Indonesian-American writer. Thanks a lot Fida for sharing us your story through your books and i wish you all the success this year.

Aside from Fida’s package, i was able to received baby shower invitations too from my cousin Lani. (Well actually it’s not really for me, it’s for mom) Didn’t knew she’s already married that’s why i am kinda surprised when i found out that they will be having now their first baby. I am am so excited about it. Mom is also excited about it and in fact, she already bought her gift for my cousin Lani and for her baby girl.

Happy Blogging Guys!

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