Should Start Drinking Buko Juice Again!

For some reasons, i started to become acidic again. Well, i know it’s my fault, i disobeyed my doctor advises. They told me not to drink beverages that are high in acid content like Soft drinks, citrus drinks and coffee. I was able to manage not to drink soft beverages like Coke but i just can’t control myself in drinking Coffee. I am a coffee lover and i think consume 5 to 6 cups of coffee every day.

I think i have to start drinking Buko or coconut juice more frequently again. Buko juice offers a lot of health benefits which includes the detoxification of toxins inside our body. It also raise your metabolism, rehydrate your body, control diabetes and cleanse your digestive tract. It also treats Kidney and urethral stones and other kidney related diseases. It is said to reduce risk of cancer too and can boost poor blood circulation.

11 thoughts on “Should Start Drinking Buko Juice Again!”

  1. Raffy says:

    I love buko juice. I was also an acidic before but not anymore since I started to drink plenty of water and buko juice.

    1. bluedreamer1227 says:

      yung nagcheck-up sakin ang nag-advise to drink Buko Juice…kasi maganda nga daw talaga ang maidudulot nito sa pagiging acidic ko

  2. marikoy says:

    Oo nga naman, mas healthy yung buko juice eh. To overcome coffee, wag mong biglain. Dahan dahan lang, like this week, 4 cups a day na lang. next week, 3, next, 2, hanggang mawala. Ganun din ang coke. Trust me, I used to love drinking coke, but now, I haven't drank anything cola for… almost 9 years! 🙂 kaya mo yan.

    1. bluedreamer1227 says:

      thanks Marikoy… gagawin ko iyan

  3. foongpc says:

    I love buko juice!! I drink it when I feel "heaty".

    1. bluedreamer1227 says:

      Indeed Foong

  4. foongpc says:

    I am also beginning to love coffee! Oh no!! Don't want to love it too much!! Haha!

    1. bluedreamer1227 says:

      haha make sure to control that coffee addiction before it get worst like mine

  5. foongpc says:

    Btw, I only learn that buko juice = coconut juice during my climb up the Taal Volcano while holidaying in Philippines recently. LOL!! I drank lots of buko juice when I reached the top! : D

    1. bluedreamer1227 says:

      I'm so excited to see the photos of your Philippine trip in your blog woohoo

  6. ayeen sicalbo says:

    i love drinking buko juice… everyday i see to it that my husband have pasalubong buko…

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