Bills, bills bills!

I saw our electric bill awhile ago and I was so shocked to see that it went up 30% higher again! I really don’t know what to do on how to lower down our bills. I have tried so many ways to at least minimize our energy consumption but it seems that they are not effective at all. I am the one now who is responsible in paying all the bills at home since my dad is not capable of working already and is only depending on his disability benefits. Well, i know that’s a big challenge for me for being the eldest son but I have to deal with it. Aside from the electric bill, i also have to pay the bills for Water supply, Internet Service, cable service and telephone bills. Yikes… these bills are putting me on early death! Now since i have to wait for one more week before the payday, i guess i have to consider applying for some online installment loans before the deadline of these bills end. Sobs.

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