I Found an Old Reader’s Digest

While we’re cleaning the upstairs, we found a 1974 September Issue of a Reader’s Digest magazine inside my mom’s closet. Well mom used to store old magazines and this is probably one of her oldest issues.

I saw Merle Haggard on the cover and since i am big fan of old country music, i grabbed this copy and read the column about him. Merle Haggard is the one who popularized songs like “Mama Tried” and “America First” which are two of my most favorite country songs. He’s still active in the music scene and he collaborated with so many country artists including Willie nelson and Roger Miller. I just don’t know if he had a duet with my all time favorite Dolly Parton but i wish they had. (better search it on Youtube haha).

Anyway, aside from the the 7 pages column about Merle Haggard, I also found some cool topics on the Magazine. It’s funny but I saw some old advertisement there showcasing an old style phone and a classic tv.

Look at the old tv! It was the newest model at that time. I just can’t imagine how much it improves today. Right now, we’re all enjoying a great watching experience through LCD TV or flat screen tv. The higher the model, the higher the resolution you’ll get right? I wonder how much that old tv cost huh. I will buzz more about the funny advertisement i saw at the magazine soon. Have a great day guys!

One thought on “I Found an Old Reader’s Digest

  • February 17, 2011 at 8:06 pm

    Wow! That's really old copy of Reader's Digest!! Btw, I'm still subscribing to Reader's Digest! : )


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