The Reason Why I Took Math

Currently, i am taking Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education majoring Mathematics. Teaching has always been my passion. I started accepting tutorial services since i was in High school. I used to teach kids after school. Mathematics is actually not my first love. My most favorite subject would be Science and History but did you know the reason why i took Math? Well because i really have no choice because the school where i am in is offering 2 major subjects only. I have to choose between English and Math. Since i hate English Subject a lot, i have no choice but choose Mathematics. English is actually my weakest subject since i was in grade school. I hate constructing sentences and my grammar back then was so horrible. Actually i hate Math too but i would rather choose this subject than English. I remember when i was in high school, every time our teacher is assigning as to make essay, i used to peak on some online dictionaries to help me out with my home work. hehe.

Once i am done taking this course, i am planning to take masteral but this time i will take my favorite subject which is Science (biology in specific).

Anyway, i was reading a magazine awhile ago and I came across a column about Attorney Acosta and her issues about the eligibility exam. I never thought that after 10 years of taking law, lawyers have to take such exams again just to prove that they are eligible enough to become lawyer. Whew, good thing i never plan of taking law as my course. (we cannot afford it on the first place haha). I was actually checking some lawyers ratings on the web to check who among them got the highest rate.

Anyway, that’s all for now. Have a great day guys and happy blogging.

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  • February 14, 2011 at 11:11 am

    But I guess pretty soon, you won't hate English anymore, especially after all the blogging you're doing and in English too. Writing in English really helps a person improve in it after some time. 🙂


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