Milzon’s Exam Today!

It’s Milzon’s exam today and i am a bit nervous. In fact, i am more nervous than Milzon. We’ve been working hard for it. It took us almost a week to prepare. Well, Milzon did well on our review so i think i should feel more confident that my younger brother can pass the exams. Thanks God the examination will be divided into two days. The first two subjects will be Mathematics and English. Well, i am confident with his Math. I know he can do well with it but i am a bit worried with the English Subject. I had a hard time teaching him the adjectives and he’s like quite confused with it. But i hope he can do it perfectly. Anyway, since i’m done with Milzon, i think i have to focus more now on my personal stuffs. I had some pending articles to do. Our professor is requiring us to submit a research paper and i don’t have any idea how to start. I wish i could write something like first class essay and i wish i am that creative to write unique content for m articles. Well, good thing i can always get first class essay through availing an online writing service just in case i don’t have enough time to make a quality work. wish me luck guys!

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