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As you all know, i am Milzon’s personal tutor now since he refused to take that private tutorial services offered by my friend. It isn’t that hard actually but it consumed most of my time though i am not complaining. As a matter of fact, i am planning to take that upcoming seminar on how to improve methods of teaching this coming August. I am taking this tutorial services seriously now. My cousins are now asking me if i can teach their kids too after school. I guess this is a great opportunity to grab especially now that i am seeking for a new job. I just don’t know if this job pays well but then again, it’s not all about the money right? teaching has always been my passion that’s why i took BS Education in College.

Anyway, i was helping my little brother awhile ago with his home work. His teacher gave them set of words to memorized and i have a strong feeling that they’re gonna have a spelling quiz tomorrow.

(taken from Milzon’s notes)

Thanks God Milzon managed to memorize these words easily (what a relief… whew!). Our Tutorial session lasted for 2 hours today but then my nephew Noel, surprisingly , approached me and asked me if i can help him with his assignment. They do not have Internet at home that’s why he asked for my help. It was not that brain draining but it took me awhile completing his list of medical apparatus.

Chemistry is not my forte you know! haha so i ended up giving him 10 medical equipments only with short descriptions. I’m not sure if his satisfied with it or what haha. Maybe i should’ve added at least 5 more equipments. I even failed to include stadiometer to his list. Sigh.

Oh my nieces will visit us here too! I am scheduled to teach them tomorrow so i better prepare my visual aids now. Have a great day guys and Happy blogging.

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