Waiting For the Big Day

My job right now is barely relying on the Internet and i just can’t live a day without accessing my sites. Working as a freelance writer is not that easy since i have to meet all the deadlines or else i will not be paid. It’s pressuring indeed but at the same time, it’s fun. I treat it more as a challenge than a pressure. Well, being optimistic is somehow helpful to keep all those stress away.

Tomorrow is my big day since i have to contact one of our major clients to talked about our upcoming projects this July. Gosh, this is very time consuming! Could you imagine that i have to call each clients every time we have projects? I might suggest my boss to download that MegaMeeting Webinar Software so that we can reach each clients much faster and easier.

Anyway, since I’ll be very busy tomorrow, i may not be around here in the blogosphere for awhile but i promise that I’ll do my blog hopping routine once i got back. Happy blogging Everyone Miss yah all!

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