Instant Money?

Remember the lucky Lotto winner of over 700 million peso? well, i wonder how he or she gonna spend the money. Having such a huge amount of money in an instant is probably the most shocking and luckiest day of any individual especially if he got used on a normal way of living. They said that joining or participating a lottery will give you one in a million chance. Maybe it is really a God’s will. But of course, we should not be depending to that “Come what may” attitude, sometimes, we have to stand on our own feet and take some risks in order to achieve our goals. But is it really possible to earn instant money without offering any effort or hard work? Well yes, if you invest a big amount of money in some of the biggest investment or networking companies! They will surely guarantee you to give higher profit. Or maybe you can participate on some reliable cash gifting programs that guarantee its investors an instant and fast-making profit. But of course, it also means that you will be taking a big risk. So it is better that you know that company that you will be dealing with before involving your self.

2 thoughts on “Instant Money?

  • January 8, 2011 at 3:39 am

    If I won that much money, what would I do? Hmm… this is a good topic. Maybe I should blog about it. 😀 Ikaw, anong gagawin mo with that much money? next post, next post! 😀


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