Korean Heart Philippines

Okay, it’s not yet United Nation Day huh.I know i posted something about India earlier and now i will post something about Korea haha. We got this invitation last February 4 and the Korean was first  scheduled to perform last February 9 but for some reason, they postponed it and moved it to a new sched. Right now, we were scheduled to attend the said event this coming Monday February 28. The event is entitled “Love Philippines”. What to expect from this event? Well they are about to perform traditional Korean dance and they will showcase some spectacular  performances. I have heard that they will have some acrobatic stunts too. Also, they are said to perform hip hop dance. We all know how great they are in dancing right? No wonder why Filipinos are so crazy over them. I just wish we are allowed to bring camera inside the theater.

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  • July 4, 2011 at 7:54 am

    Not only philipinos are crazy about them.. Asia teenager are crazy about this korean fashion


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