Should I buy an Ipad?

I might be dreaming but i really want to have an Ipad. I know how expensive this gadget is but is it really right to spend such a huge amount for a gadget like an Ipad? Well for me, it isn’t bad at all knowing that you can do a lot of things with this gadget more than what other gadgets can give.

It has 1024 x 768 wide screen that offers graphics that are high in definition. It can load web pages extremely fast too. It offers up to 64GB memory capacity compare to the 16 and 32 GB Memory offered by Iphones. It also has larger keyboards compare to Iphones. It has many applications than any gadgets can offer.

With all these advantages, who could have wish to have it! But i guess for someone like me, it will take a lot of preparation, savings and budgeting before i can avail such an expensive gadget. Well, maybe cash advance loans can cover all the cost. I haven’t tried it yet but i have heard about the advantages of loans from some of my colleagues. Maybe i should give it a try. What do you think?

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