Bringing Fantasy Series Alive!

GMA failed me last year as they offered not so entertaining shows. I started to feel boring with their fantasy series because they made it to childish and the stories wasn’t that great at all. I wish they could bring those fantasy series alive again just like what they did with Mulawin starring Richard Guitierez. Mulawin has a creative story line. Encantadia is probably the best fantasy series being offered on national TV.

Both of these series took us to a imaginative world and brought our imagination alive. They took us to a world and let us thought that they are really existing.

Anyway, i was able to watch the latest GMA teaser showing all their upcoming shows for this year. They will be bringing the iconic character of “Machete“; a Thumbelina and Snow White inspired “Dwarfina“; a Romantic Comedy ,”I Heart You Pare” starring Regine Velasquez Alcasid and Ding Dong Dantes; they will also be reprising the character of “Captain Barbell“; and an epic series named “Amaya” starring Marian Rivera

Well hopefully they are not as boring as the others.

One thought on “Bringing Fantasy Series Alive!

  • January 6, 2011 at 1:46 am

    I haven't watched much soaps on GMA lately, but the first photo got my attention. I used to always watch Mulawin and Encantadia dati. I loved Encantadia. There was so much to look at in that fantaserye, kasi the costumes, props and the sets were so amazing! And I loved it that the Sang're sisters were not just well poised queens/princesses but were also some kind of action heroes.


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