When Egos Die

There is no need to excel; we are run by our expectations, which we continuously level up. And for this pittance of exertion, we reap plenty of disappointments, failures and desperation. We cannot be what we are not; we constantly over estimate our own abilities, we play when we ought to work, we fool around when we ought to be serious, we shout when it ought to be a whisper and we pretended we are great even though we are merely empty shells. And when desperation leads to hopelessness, we choose the resource that we stand the most to gain it, even if we have to cheat. When we cheat, egos die, they succumb to the debauchery of cheating and we fool no one but ourselves, we become a self -fulfilling prophecy. The smallest fraud snowballs into something greater, situations beyond our control and mitigation. In the end we are the losers, by becoming untrue to our selves, we fail to full evaluate what we can do, what we are capable of. Flaunting whatever false credits, accreditation and merit we temporarily gain from cheating can only get us so far. You can neither cheat life nor can you cheat death.

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