Being Practical

I remember last year, my auntie and I attended a car exhibit. the event showcased vintage cars and expensive limousines.  We really has so much fun there as we got a chance to see those real vintage cars and expensive cars for the very first time in our life. Well car is what every man’s dream and having such car like limo is like a dream come true for us. I will definitely feel that i won a lottery. But of course, having limo can also be very risky especially now that car napping cases continuously increasing. Well for me, i prefer to become more practical especially now that we are experiencing global financial crisis. Buying a second hand car for example is not bad at all. And besides there are plenty of dismantler shop there where you can find items that you can add up for your car. Just like the items being offered at the Auto Wrecking Seattle shop. The shop offers Japanese automotive parts. From head lights, engine, transmission, to exhaust system and mirrors. Name it! the shop got it all for you! Well, it’s just a matter of being practical you know!

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