Thank you to Cavitex

I think i should be very grateful enough that we have the CAVITEX (Manila-Cavite Expressway) because it makes it easier for me to commute and to reach my working place earlier than what i am always expecting. So far, i never been late to my work and i am planning to keep that standard for a long time. We were assigned into a “7am to 4pm” shift for this whole month of January and I used to go out 3 hours ahead of my schedule. I woke up every 3 am (thanks to my alarm clock who help me manage my time well LOL) and start preparing my things. I prepare the breakfast myself and fix my own clothes too. If you’re going to take the normal route then you might have to spend 2 and half hours traveling especially if there’s a heavy traffic along your way. I don’t have my own car and I don’t know how to drive either so i really have no choice but to commute and bear with all that sacrifices. However, if you’re going to take the CAVITEX route, most likely, you’ll cut your travel time into half. What a great convenience indeed though i am quite worrying that they might close the expressway temporarily because of the on going construction. I’m not really sure what the construction is all about but it seems that it is a big one knowing that they hired a lot of workers just to fix the entire road. I saw some boulders and tractors working on the other lane of the expressway , spreading asphalt and cement on the surface. Not really sure if they are using diamond saw blades for the road but it really seems to be a major project. I just wish that my schedule will not be ruined by this on going expressway renovation.

3 thoughts on “Thank you to Cavitex”

  1. [SK] says:

    OMG!! you wake up at 3am everyday to go to work?? how do you have enough time to sleep??

  2. [SK] says:

    no wonder you do not have much time blogging, now i understand.. hey, 3am!! that's so god d*mn early, i've never wake up so early before!!

  3. [SK] says:

    maybe a year down the road, you'll get your driving licence and have enough money to get a car.. then things could be easier.. 🙂

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