10 Best Casino Destinations in the World

I’m pretty much fascinated with casinos lately. There are different locations in the world where you can head to enjoy some casino games and entertainment. Some of these places can only be described as stunning. From the buildings to the history, some of these places have captured the hearts of many tourists and the additions of great casinos only make it better. Online casinos have made gambling accessible to most players like playing at fruityslots.com, but it still doesn’t trump the feeling of taking in historical sights while you chase lady luck in the various casinos in that top casino destinations. From the bright lights of Las Vegas to the iconic city of Monaco, here are the 10 best casino destinations in the world.

Las Vegas, Nevada

No other destination in the world comes close to this jewel in the desert. This is the second most popular destination in the United States. The first been Times Square in New York. In Vegas, you will find 15 out of the 25 largest hotels in the world and the casinos are also close behind. The strip which is the main location in Vegas is home to some of the largest casinos and resorts anywhere else in the world. Saying a number of casinos might mean just a handful but Las Vegas has over 70 casinos which you can visit. Las Vegas makes the number one spot as the top casino destination to visit.

However, those who cannot afford to visit LA due to budget or time schedule, they can always enjoy playing casino in the comfort of their home. Today, there is a great number of online casinos that provide players with the same level of fun and entertainment. For instance, you can visit levelupcasino.com and get access to a huge collection of casino games. If you are lucky enough, you can also grab some sign up and deposit bonuses.

Monte Carlo, Monaco

Although this is a small country and after the Vatican City, it is the next smallest country in Europe, Monaco is big when it comes to casinos and the number of people who live in the city. This small country is known to have some of the most iconic casinos anywhere as the city has been around for a long time. Casinos are not the only source of entertainment in Monaco, there is also the sights of the Mediterranean which you can enjoy when you visit this beautiful city. Monaco is a popular destination for the rich and famous also.
Macau, China

When you head towards the orient, Macau becomes the jewel in Asia. Macau’s economy is somewhat dependent on its casinos. Half of its revenue is gotten from casinos. This region in China has over 30 casinos which make up 50% of the city’s revenue. Macau is home to some of the largest casinos in the world. Of the 25 largest in the world, 7 are in Macau, China. If you are visiting this’ Monte Carlo in the Orient’ as some people have called Macau, you need to check out the Macau Peninsula or the Taipa Island for some memorable gambling experience.

Atlantic City, New Jersey

Following behind the city of lights Las Vegas, is this jewel on the East Coast. This city is also a great destination for casino lovers.  There is a great combination of casinos and the beach plus a boardwalk which you can play Monopoly on. This is a good destination of casino lovers who want to experience a memorable time playing at casinos. There might not be a lot of casinos like you have in Las Vegas or in Macau but there are at least 8 great casinos in the city which you can have a great time at.

This city has a whole lot of experiences which you can take in when you visit.  The sights which you can take in when you visit Singapore is the zoo, botanical gardens, aquarium. Another notable sight which you can see at Singapore is the largest Ferris Wheel in the world. This is truly one good reason to visit this destination. Marina Bay Sands is one of the most beautiful modern casinos built and is reason enough to visit Singapore. It isn’t only a casino but a casino resort also.

Aruba, Caribbean

Take you fill of at a relaxing island destination when you visit Aruba. There are beaches and a good number of casinos for you to visit when you get to this island. Combine an exciting island holiday with some good casino gaming.

San Juan, Puerto Rico

No need to worry about casinos closing hours as some casinos in this capital city operate 24 hours a day. Take your pick of casinos here with a combination of some great sightseeing.

Reno, Nevada

Another great casino destination. This ‘Biggest Little City’ has over 20 casinos for you to chose from. It doesn’t come close to Las Vegas, but it promises visitors a great time when they come through their borders. Can’t make Vegas, head over to Reno.

Paris, France

Popularly known as the city of love, Paris is also a beautiful destination to visit for some casino gaming. Take in some sighting of buildings and the popular Eiffel Tower in addition to trying your hand at various games all in a vacation you will always remember.

London, United Kingdom

Popularly known as the financial capital of Europe, London has a lot of fun to offer also. The city is home to over 20 casinos which you can choose from. This is in addition to some of the most iconic sights which you will see. There are buildings which have stood for a 100 years, like Big Ben. There is the home of the British Royalty, Buckingham Palace plus other great sights. London definitely makes our list of the top 10 destinations to visit.

Some of these destinations might have been on your mind or your list as possible choices of where you can spend your next vacation. From beaches, botanical gardens, zoos and all things nature, to man-made buildings and constructions like the largest Ferris Wheel in Singapore, these destinations offer visitors more than gaming at casinos but memorable sights and sounds. For a truly complete casino gaming experience Las Vegas would be our first choice simply because of the number of casinos available. Asides that any of these other destinations are great for some gaming in casinos and will be glad you paid a visit anytime.

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