6 Years After

Yesterday, when I was looking at some photo albums, I found this picture of one of my high school friends who took Nursing at college.


Well, it makes me so curious about them and so I tried to check them on Facebook. We went separate ways as she took Nursing while I took Education. It is completely different worlds. Her field is in medicine while mine is teaching. Well, luckily, she’s on my friends list so I got a chance to visit and view her profile and view some of her photos.


Surprisingly, I saw some familiar faces, realizing that it’s not only her who took the same course, also some of my high school friends. It is so fun to see how much they have grown and changed.

It’s been a long time now since we had our last high school reunion. Maybe they are now too busy with their work. Unlike teachers who work on office hours, Nurses have what we called “Night or Graveyard Shift” which is really stressing for sure.

I wasn’t that so sure why they are wearing this colorful uniform instead of the traditional white coat. As far as I know, they should have at least registered nurse degrees (RN degrees) in order to qualify themselves to work. I think it’s the equivalent of “Licensed Teacher” in our course. Those are the Education students who successfully passed the Teacher Licensure examination.

Passing these registered nurse degrees (RN degrees) are proof that you are now ready to perform your job as a nurse. Nursing is not an easy job as you are responsible for saving someone’s life. Well I know that’s what a doctor does but we have to take note that doctors are useless without these nurses that provides assistance not just to the doctor but also to the patients. I salute their profession.