All Saints’ Day 2014

Like what we usually do in the first day of November (All Saint’s Day), we visited my grandparents’ tomb at the cemetery which is located here in Cavite. It was such a busy day and you will be welcomed with a huge crowd of other people who were also there to visit their relatives. Interestingly, it also serves as an annual family reunion for us because my uncles and aunties will be coming as well. photo IMG_20141101_171843e_zps35b701c3.jpgA day before, my mom and I already bought some flowers and we also arranged them ourselves. Well, i wish we could have those readily-arranged flowers but the prices are extremely gold so we decided to buy a basket and arranged the flowers instead.  photo GEDIGITALCAMERA_135_zps63c37b4f.jpg photo GEDIGITALCAMERA_137_zps4e1c6111.jpg photo GEDIGITALCAMERA_138_zps6acbd5de.jpg Not bad eh? photo IMG_20141101_171545e_zps9247d1b4.jpg We went there around 3pm and decided to stay there until around 8pm.  photo IMG_20141101_174047e_zps5b37d09d.jpg photo IMG_20141101_173934e_zpsab41ccf0.jpg photo IMG_20141101_183500e_zpsbecc57aa.jpg Here are some reunion pics!!! photo IMG_20141101_165522e_zps19b2def6.jpgMom and Dad photo IMG_20141101_165432e_zps5159e97b.jpg Mom and Tita Thess photo IMG_20141101_165537e_zps6763361a.jpg Tita Thess and Ichan photo IMG_20141101_173816e_zpsa91db99a.jpg Here’s Milzon playing with the candle wax… It reminds me of myself when I was at his age hehe

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