Appreciating Your Child’s Drawing

Milzon really loves to draw and he does that every time after school. In fact, i even made him his own drawing table and working place for it. We also keep all his drawings in a folder to show him how much we appreciate his masterpieces. You should all appreciate your little brother or your child’s drawings no matter how worst it is. One must keep in mind that basic understanding  that pictorial representation of a figure, object or person need not be the only criteria for a beautiful work of art. In other words, the exact copying of an object or a person need not be the essential evidence for a perfect masterpiece. Remember that your child has no intention of creating a picture in the same sense as you, as adult. keep in mind too, that he is drawing or painting as a natural self expression because to him, it is primarily fun! Try to remember that your child maintains his particular style  or characteristics throughout his work. For example, he may base most of his drawings with a peculiar circle shape that is inscribed with a dot or a dash, even a cross. This may appear again in a flower, a button, a handle or a basic design. This is the development of style. Thus it is equally important to save your child’s drawings and to review them from time to time. Keep a scrapbook of his artwork. I will share some more tips in my next post.

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  • February 20, 2011 at 7:39 pm

    Your lil bro drew this, it's actually very nice!


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