Baler Escapade : Sabang Beach

After spending some time with Baler Church (Check : Baler Escapade : The Historical Baler Church), we headed right away to our Trancient House. We are warmly welcomed by “Mama Nene” in her two story transient house in Sabang. The weather unfortunately changed everything in our itinerary but I really appreciate the fact that our tour coordinator utilized our time and make the most of our first day! The rain stopped around 4 pm and after taking a bath and changing  my clothes, I decided to take a walk and have a glimpse of the famous “Sabang Beach” of Baler.
20161119_170704tGood thing our Transient house is just few walks away from the shore. The weather was so gloomy and it was still drizzling but I decided to go anyway. They said that a trip to Baler will not be completed without surfing and Sabang Beach is just a perfect venue for it. The two-kilometer strip of gray sand facing the Pacific Ocean that welcomes huge and seemingly endless waves is just a beauty to marvel.
20161119_164214ttInterestingly, Sabang is considered as the birthplace of Surfing in the country and most likely the reason why Baler is now regarded as the surfing capital of the Philippines. Several surfing competition are being held in this place including the popular Aurora Surfing Cup and Baler Beginner’s Surf Competition.20161119_173358t20161119_170623t20161119_170500tSabang Beach is not a privately owned resort. It is in fact publicly accessible and you can access the area with no charge. Yes there is no entrance fee to Sabang Beach. You are free to bring all your swimming gears and even your own surfboard with no charges involved. I am not sure with the cottages though but the fee is seemingly minimal.20161119_170311t20161119_165849tKindly expect that someone will approach you and ask you if you are willing to spend an hour of surfing tutorial. For Php300-350, you will have an hour of full tutorial from professional surfers. I was approach by a guy named Romer but as much as I want to surf that time, it was freaking cold so I told him that I will just go back tomorrow morning to try it out. Sabang is really not a pristine beach in case you are looking clear white sand and crystal blue water or such unspoiled paradise but it is absolutely a great place and ideal spot  for surfing.IMG_0344tIMG_0401ttIMG_0386ttIMG_0404tThere was an overwhelming amount of surfers and “surfer-wannabes” along with their instructors yet the place is surprisingly not overly crowded (probably because the beach is too wide and spacious). I was surprised to see kids battling against the waves and surfing like pro. IMG_0426tIMG_0385tKids playing on the shoreIMG_0437tThis guy is preparing himself to welcome the next batch of waves.IMG_0449tI think it took me almost an hour, walking and exploring and embracing the beauty of Sabang beach but little did I know, I will witness an even more amazing sight the day after. The sunrise in Baler is even more breathtaking and I’m glad that the weather is starting to cooperate.

I went back to the transient house for dinner and also to sleep because I needed more energy for tomorrow.

Things To Know Before Visiting The Sabang Beach
►The beach is publicly accessible and there is no entrance fee involved
►You can bring your own board or you can just rent it from there
►You can avail the surfing tutorial for Php300-350 which will take an hour. It covers the tutorial and also they will guide you while surfing.
►The water in Sabang Beach is not too deep. You can still surf even if the water is only waist-level.
►The bottom of the beach is merely soft sand so don’t worry about those sharp rocks.

How to Get to Sabang Beach
►You can actually ride a Transit bus from Cubao via Genesis Bus which will take you directly to Baler. These airconditioned buses has daily trips from 3Am to 7:30 Am with 6-7 hours travel time. The fare would cost you around Php550-600 per head.
►Once you reach the Baler town proper or the Baler Plaza, you can explore all the nearby destinations such as Museo De Baler, Doña Aurora House, Baler Church and the public market as well. Sabang Beach can be reached by walking but it is more ideal to ride a Tricycle to reach this place.

Where to Stay in Baler?
Knowing that Baler is one of the top tourist destinations in the country, finding a place to stay here is not really a big challenge but of course, it would be ideal and less hassle to book your reservations as early as possible. There are many budget hotels, transient houses and of course those luxury hotels to stay in. You can check our list of hotels in Baler and see which one suits your budget

On my next post, I’ll share you some stunning photos showcasing the breathtaking sunrise in Baler.

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