What is Casino Tourism: The Impact of Foreign Gamblers

What is Casino Tourism?

Casino tourism explains the relationship and the effect different countries and their economies have in terms of the casino industry. This is a huge part of every country’s economy, especially now when gambling is more popular than it’s ever been. Casino tourism researches the visitors that come to gamble from different countries, as well as the impact they have on the economies around the world

Top Destinations for International Gamblers

Whether it is an online casino or a land-based casino, some countries are simply more attractive to players when it comes to gambling than others. Here are the top destinations for international gamblers.


The USA is one of the most frequently visited destinations by international gamblers. It’s a huge industry that’s worth over $240 billion and is currently employing around two million people. This makes casino tourism huge in the USA, which means that the fall of tourism would seriously impact the economy of the country, especially in the frequently visited areas like Las Vegas and Atlantic City.

In 2016, Las Vegas attracted over 43 million visitors, which was a new record. The people who went to the US to gamble combined with the domestic visitors, spent $32.5 billion in casinos. However, due to the current global situation, the pandemic brought drastic change to the industry. Many people are now taking advantage of online casinos where they have many options from a large number of casino games varieties to different casino payment options.

Pay by Phone Casinos, for instance, has picked up in its popularity in the recent years. As what the name connotes, this method allows you to access mobile casinos and pay with phone credit or pay via your phone bill and enjoy seamless transactions from wherever you are in the world. I recently came across Paybyphonecasino.uk that provides a one-stop portal to help users find the best pay by mobile casino sites as well as numerous pay by mobile casino tutorials to help you improve your gaming experience.

But if you are looking for a real challenge and something to spice up your casino experience, you might want to consider playing Canadian real money casinos online. As the term connotes, this game allows you to gamble for real money. While this may not be everyone’s cup of tea, many avid casino gamers prefer this type of gamble due to thr excitement and adrenaline rush that it offers.


Whether you like to visit the sparkling, enormous casinos or go online to gamble at an Australian low deposit casino, your options exceed thousands. After the corruption crackdown that happened in Macau, Australia has recently enjoyed a fast rising number of Chinese gambling tourists. Just in 2016, this number went up to 1 million visitors – and we aren’t even counting the rest of the tourists.

In case you didn’t know this, Australia is one of the countries with most gamblers in the world. Casinos are popular with domestic players, but also with tourists. In fact, these are the top tourist attractions, often even more popular than the Sydney Opera House.


Monaco has made it illegal for its residents to gamble. If your address is in Monaco, you have to go elsewhere to play. Therefore, this location doesn’t count domestic players, but it is definitely huge with foreigners.

The gambling revenue in Monaco allows locals to eliminate the need to pay income tax. 4% of the GDP comes from casinos and 11% comes from general tourism. In other words, Monaco is deeply intertwined in the casino world, making casino tourism one of the most important economic sources

Macau, China

Online gambling is more popular than ever and still, millions of people travel to casinos in Macau to enjoy that premiere live casino experience. Macau is one of the world’s most popular casino destinations, featuring games that you can’t find anywhere else in the world – not even online.

As a result of its popularity, Macau enjoys the biggest flow of tourists it has ever seen. Casino tourism is one of the most advantageous tourism branches in Macau, making their economy grow significantly in the past decade.


People often see Singapore as a shopping destination, but did you know that casino tourism is also one of their main economy boosters? There are over 17 million tourists that visit the country each year, most of which are Chinese, as well as people from Malaysia, India, and Taiwan. Right now, this particular industry is crucial for the economy of the country, even though gambling is still a bit complicated in this area.

The casinos in Singapore can’t pursue the high rollers that rack up serious debt. Compared to Macau where there are over 200 licensed junket operators that give credit to customers of casinos and collect the owed money, Singapore only has three.

Aside from all these top casino destinations, there’s also a great list of other countries that are absolutely worth visiting. The casino industry in the Philippines, for instance, is rapidly growing. The same thing goes with most of middle east countries like Lebanon and Dubai. In Africa, on the other hand, the Democratic Republic of Congo surprisingly offers a decent number of land-based casinos you can visit or better yet you can participate in some online casino Congo sites that provides an equal amount of fun and entertainment for both local and international gamblers.


Casino tourism leaves a huge mark in the economy of many countries worldwide, especially the ones described above. People still enjoy the live experience in spite of the popularity of online casinos, so they quite literally pack their bags and hop on a plane to see some of the best gambling destinations in the world.

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