Create Your Very Own Aguinaldo Shrine Paper Craft #Kalayaan2016

Now that we only have a day left before the much awaited Philippine Independence Day,  let us all bring out our nationalistic behavior in our very own simple yet special way! Aside from traditionally hanging our Philippine flag either on your door or windows, we can now do something more special and fun at the same time! Thanks to the National Commission for Culture and The Arts and their cute  NCCA Paper Craft Series that you can download and print for FREE. The Paper Craft Series is done to commemorate not just the recently celebrated National Heritage Month but also the Philippine Independence Day. The series features four different landmarks with huge historical significance including the Rizal Park Monument, The Banaue Rice Terraces, The Metropolitan Theater and of course, the famous mansion of Emilio Aguinaldo where the proclamation of our Independence Day took place.

Each landmark has their own downloadable and printable PDF file. Aguinaldo Shrine is composed of eight printable pages where 3 of them provides the step by step guide while the remaining five are the cutouts.
13400926_482655581929626_2023589085_ntCut each piece carefully and fold and glue them based on the given instructions. Take note that there will be extremely small pieces here so you must be very gentle and cautious in cutting them, otherwise, you might ruin the project.
Random pieces folded and glued as per instruction. Once they are all set and dry, you can now start assembling the pieces. It would be ideal to assemble them sequentially based on the given guide to avoid mistakes.
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Tadah! You are done! You just created a miniature version of Aguinaldo Shrine! A perfect item for a diorama.
The Aguinaldo Shrine Paper Craft from NCCA Paper Craft Series.
The Aguinaldo Shrine Paper craft can be downloaded from the Children’s Corner of NCCA’s official page Here.
Or you can directly download the PDF file Here.

17 thoughts on “Create Your Very Own Aguinaldo Shrine Paper Craft #Kalayaan2016”

  1. Jonathan Diesta says:

    Very creative way of doing replicas. It is similar to the Rizal Monument paper craft!

  2. Jojo Vito says:

    oh wow, this is a great activity for kids and the grades school teachers can even use this

  3. It’s very nice to know this paper craft of Aguinaldo Shrine. Well, some people celebrates differently nowadays, that the spirit of our heroes still remains within our hearts. Happy Independence Day!

  4. Bookmarked for future reference because my daughter is now in grade school at least when the time comes that her teacher will ask for a project like this then I already have a reference. Thank you so much and Happy Independence Day.

  5. Pia Bernaldo says:

    Thanks for sharing National Commission for Culture and The Arts’ cute NCCA Paper Craft Series! But personally, I think I can’t do this alone. Haha! 🙂 Thought to let my Mommy cousins check this page though!

  6. Franc Ramon says:

    This would be a great project for kids. They would have a better appreciation of history and they also get to be creative.

  7. that’s very nice, i like the idea although i’m not really good in such things.

  8. Mommy Levy says:

    I want this, ang galing!

  9. Mark says:

    Such a cool piece. Its such a great activity for our Independence day.

  10. roch says:

    Haha I think this is a great work of art to try when I’m bored and when I feel like being crafty. Thanks for sharing the reference to the materials. 🙂

  11. Berlin says:

    Haha, how i wish the boys would have a school project on this so we know where to get reference. I like this post as this is helpful for my boys. Thanks.

  12. Mauie says:

    Thanks for sharing this! This is a good History class project for kids.

  13. Jerny says:

    Creative! Though it would have better if printed on cardboards for a more sturdy look, it;s not bad having printed on oslo/bond paper. xD

  14. Marge says:

    Oh wow this is so cute! And it’s more interesting for me because I’ve recently toured inside Aguinaldo Shrine. For a simple cutout print, I say it’s not bad at all. I’m into crafts so I’d probably have fun doing this.

  15. Grabe! This is so creative!! I’m sure it’s a bit tedious to put it up.

  16. You certainly gave me a wonderful idea for my children’s future projects.

  17. jobert says:

    anong material po yan

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