DVD Marathon Night With Family

I am trying to welcome this year as a blast. I had a great 2014 so I am hoping to have the same spirit this year or maybe I can make it much better. The first weeks of January , however, made me so much busy especially now that I got an additional freelance work and the working hours will be added on top of my regular online work. Stressing indeed but this is a blessing so who am I to complain right? Last week, we celebrated my mom’s 54th birthday and we gave her some surprise party that day. We actually planned to watch a movie together but my work didn’t allow me so.
GEDC0237 Since we cannot find any fitting schedule for our movie night so we ended up watching DVD films. Luckily we bought a new DVD and we got new CDs to watch so to make this “DVD marathon” more enjoying, we cooked some snacks at home.  We do not have a Home theater system though so we just have to turn the volume as high as possible (but not too loud as it might freak out our neighbor). Although a friend of mine advised me to buy some good speakers with built-in amplifiers for a much more satisfying audio experience. Some of my friends are recommending me to have Vypyr amps. It is actually more ideal for guitars and it is actually a great deal for us specially now that my sister is planning to buy her own guitar (encouraged by her bf).
Anyway, he managed to watch five movies straight and we really had so much fun. I actually find it more enjoying than watching a single movie in a crowded cinema.

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