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The past couple of years have been very tough for everyone as the pandemic drastically changed our daily way of living. Everybody has to adjust to the situation and is being forced to change their lifestyle to protect themselves from this deadly virus. While most parts of the world are slowly getting back on track, the increasing cases of the new Omicron variant means that the battle is not yet completely over. Now that we are about to welcome a new year, let’s all hope that this pandemic will end soon so we can all go back to our normal lives.
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Embracing the New Normal

Ever since the pandemic started, everyone has to embrace the so-called “new normal” lifestyle. Most people had to adapt to a “work from home” environment to keep their jobs and most schools had to utilize online classrooms to teach kids. My niece, for instance, had to go through a series of modular lessons instead of the traditional face-to-face classes. It also means that parents have to be completely hands-on to help their kids adjust to this huge transition. While it is a tricky adjustment for kids, it is also a great advantage because they can put all their gadgets into a great use.

Today, there is a great number of educational apps that kids can download on their phones allowing them to learn new things even with less supervision from their parents. Just recently, we came across this fun and very educational website CulinarySchools.org. As the name suggests, the site serves as an informative platform that allows you to discover all the available culinary schools near your area. It covers both US and International cooking schools. You can search for schools not just by location but also through the training program, majors, and degree they offer.

Fun And Educational Games at CulinarySchools.Org

What we do love the most though is their huge collection of online games that kids can freely enjoy. These are smartly curated kids games that are related to culinary including foods, farming, restaurant management, culinary arts, hospitality-related, and more. In addition to these games, the site also offers a collection of useful online tools such as the ingredient measurement conversion tool, body fat calculator, weight loss and workout calculator. It is also interesting to mention that all these games and tools are freely accessible online. These are all browser-based applications and you do not need to download a separate mobile app just to play them. All you need is to visit CulinarySchools.Org and navigate through their Kids Cooking Games section and select your preferred game to start playing.

These games work perfectly well on different platforms, whether it’s a mobile browser or desktop. My niece keeps herself busy with some of the games from this site and I am happy to share with you some of our favorite culinary games from this page.
Can I eat it

Can I Eat It?

My niece’s current obsession is this simple kid-friendly game called “Can I Eat it?” As the title of the game suggests, your goal  here is to determine whether the items shown by the character are  edible or not. Although this preschooler game looks simple, it gets a little tricky as you progress. Take note that you only have limited time to decide whether it’s a yes or a no. If you failed, the game  will come to a quick end and you have to start over. It surprises me how my niece managed to get such high score for this game.

Penguin Cafe

Penguin Cafe

If you love the classic Diner Dash game, then you will  find Penguin Cafe equally fun and enjoying. This is your classic restaurant management game in which your main objective is to help the waiter penguin to serve all the incoming customers as fast as possible. You will be racing against time in this game and you must reach your target income per day in order to progress. The rate of difficulty will also drastically increase as you progress which makes this game more challenging and thrilling at the same time.

Tap supermarket
Tap Supermarket

This one is my personal favorite. Tap Supermarket is a grocery store management game where your goal is to manage and supervise your grocery store. Customers will automatically arrive at your store and your task  is to restock all the goods and expand the line of items you sell. The more items you add, the more customers will arrive. Just make sure though that you restock items in a timely manner. Otherwise, the customers will get mad and leave. The prices for new items will also increase exponentially which adds more challenge in this game. This game requires the best of your visual reflexes as well as the best of your eye and hand coordination.

Super spice Dash
Super Spice Dash

Super Spice Dash is a very unique endless runner game. Who would have thought  that a simple Chicken nugget can end up in an epic rolling adventure? The goal is to guide the rolling nugget in an endless track while avoiding all the obstacles that you wll encounter along the way. You are also encourage to collect gems to score points as well as to collect power spices to obtain special abilities to maximize your chances of winning. This game also features visually stunning 3d maps.



Whether you are a fan of Molly of Denali animated series or not, this game is an absolute fun and surprisingly highly educational. In this game, you will be asked to help Molly as she tries to grow her crops as  gigantic as possible to win the Alaska State Fair. You will encounter a series of problems that might affect the growth of your vegetable and you must resolve them as quick as you can. The game gets trickier and more challenging as you progress.

We might still be on a very crucial time but that doesn’t mean that we can no longer find ways to enjoy and have fun, especially for kids. Allowing them to play and enjoy digital games like those that you can access from CulinarySchools.org can help them experience positivity despite the crisis we have today. In addition to that, these game will not just bring fun but they are also highly educational that allows them to enjoy and learn something new at the same time.

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