Fingerstyle Or Picking?

I just learned something new about music today. While I was busy searching and surfing cover videos in Youtube, I noticed something interesting about those who play guitars. I realized that not all of them are using guitar picks when strumming. I am not a good one but I know how to play the guitar and I always use the guitar picks that I have because I feel more comfortable using it rather than playing the instrument using my bare fingers. Fingerstyle is commonly used for classical or nylon steel guitar but is also often used in guitars with steel strings. Through fingerstyle, the players can play multiple strings at exactly the same time, however, it used to damage my nails and that is why I prefer using guitar picks instead. Interestingly, I found out that there are wide variety of guitar picks and the usage will depend on the type of guitar you are using. There are picks that are exclusively used for Lead Guitars (those with sharp and pointed end in particular) and some are used for rhythm especially those picks with round tips. Picking the right size and thickness will matter too.Personally, I prefer those picks that are flexible and since I am a rhythm guitar player, those with round tips are perfect for me.

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