Do You Smoke?

Cigarette Smoking is Dangerous to your health. Is it ironic that we usually hear or see this health advice mostly from the cigarette manufacturers? Because if they’re telling us that Cigarette smoking is dangerous, why are they selling cigarettes on the first place? Well, maybe the “dangerous” thing that they are referring here is the abusive smoking of cigarettes. We all know that cigarette contains an addictive chemical known as “nicotine”. It is said that Nicotine is a stimulant which raises blood pressure and is dangerous for both lungs and heart. Though i have read some articles stating that it has therapeutic benefits too. Anyway, this chemical is present on both Tobacco and manufactured cigarettes.

It’s true that there are people who simply can’t resist to smoke. Just like my dad, it’s like a daily habit already. I think my dad consumes 3 to 4 packets of cigarette every day. He sometimes smoke tobacco specifically the “black and milds cigars by Middleton” but most of time, he used manufactured cigarettes because they are more affordable. There has been an on going argument whether Tobacco is healthier than manufactured cigarettes or not.

Manufactured cigarette contains not only the nicotine but also other harmful chemicals like carbon monoxide which is not present in any Tobacco cigarettes. With this fact, tobacco is obviously the best and highly recommended. How about you? Do you Smoke? Which do you prefer? Tobacco or Manufactured Cigarettes?

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