Go, Grow And Glow!

Remember the elementary days when our teachers taught us about the differences between Go, Glow and Grow foods? Well Go foods are food group the provides energy like Bread, cereals and more. They are also known as muscle building foods. Glow foods are the foods that enhances the quality of our skin. The best examples of glow foods are the green leafy vegetables and fruits. Grow foods on the other hands are responsible for enhancing growth development. Milk, yogurt, cheese and other dairy products are few of the examples of Grow foods.

Well, I don’t think children today are aware about it. Or maybe they know about these foods but they are not paying so much attention to it. Even us, adults, are not aware about the benefits that these foods can offer. We tend to buy foods in the market without checking their contents. We used to satisfy our cravings by buying foods that are delicious yet unhealthy.

Having a healthy diet and lifestyle is really advisable if you want to live longer. Good thing technology keeps on improving day by day and we always discover new things that can serve as  good alternatives. We can now have those nutrients, vitamins and energies despite of not taking those foods. We now have muscle stimulator, energy pills and more to help you out achieving a good body build and shape. There are so many cosmetic products today that can give you the glowing healthy skin that you’ve ever wanted. It’s true that modern technology makes our life easier. But of course, it would be great not to disregard those Go Glow and Grow foods. We still have to establish a balance diet and a healthy life style by eating nutritious foods. Have a healthy living guys!

One thought on “Go, Grow And Glow!

  • February 27, 2011 at 12:15 pm

    Kaya love ko kumain ng pizza, kasi go, grow and glow na yan. 😀 (lulusot talaga. hehehe)


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