Guitar Jamming

Things are getting busier for me this year because I do have lots of additional work loads to finish but despite of the hectic schedule, I make sure to spend some time to treat myself by doing the things that I like the most. Every time I have enough time to spare, I always play my guitar whether I have someone to jam with or not. It actually makes me feel more relaxed and it somehow unwinding me from so much stress brought to me by my work. Just like yesterday, I decided to visit my cousin after going from work. He has a small studio at home and that gave us a perfect time to jam. My cousin has always been a good mentor to me and he taught me everything i need to know when it comes to guitar.
 photo d394a201-9c20-4d30-a0e4-57af5680a553_zps82b138c5.jpg
[The image above is one of my cousin’s guitars] He used to advised me regarding to those areas i need to improve. I most cases, we used to record our performance to judge ourselves whether we do it flawlessly or we might have to edit something to make it better. If we got it right, we compile everything and record it on cd. How I wish we have a good device like that cd-rw900sl at guitar center so we can produce better copies of our work but for now we might have to bear with our portable recorder first until we get enough budget to afford it. We are just amateur guitarists after all . Cheers!

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