Ignorance is not an Excuse

PhotobucketYes, I got this one messy portfolio that i used to bring whenever I have to process an important document or whenever I’m applying to a new company. I actually never pay attention to it and I don’t even care how messy would it be as long as I have all the important papers with me. However, this ignorance brought me to a serious problem after losing my Social Security ID. As we all know, Government ID’s are very important to us especially in terms of verification purposes. I went to their office to report about my lost card and they informed me that I have to wait for another three weeks after the releasing and because of that, i can’t process anything since I don’t have any Government ID to present.

Well, i’ve learned my lesson now and I’m starting to organize my¬†portfolio. I might consider buying an organizer too. In fact, i saw a wide selection of personalized portfolios online which is very ideal for someone like me. I guess it could be a perfect Christmas gift too. For the mean time, I have to postpone my scheduled appointment at DFA and wait until I got my new ID.

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