Mean Girls Spin Off

I’m sure you have heard about the new “Mean Girls” movie right? I was actually disappointed to see that almost all the casting of the film was changed. What is Mean Girls without Lindsay Lohan right? Mean Girls is the film that brought Lindsay to stardom. However, I think Lindsay portrayed her role as Cady Heron in Real life mean girl as she was involved in so many issues and controversies. Actually she’s in the news again because someone file a law suit against her for stealing someone’s necklace. Though i am not so sure if this allegation is true.

Lindsay faced different controversies especially her Alcohol Addiction and Driving Under Influence cases. She had been into rehab  several times and was able to overcome her addiction because of it. Rehabilitation centers really play a very important role in controlling the increasing rate of drug and Alcohol addiction. Alcoholism can be treated by rehab centers in so many different ways. Some are being treated through Detoxification like the service being offered at Alabama Alcohol Treatment Center. Georgia Alcohol Treatment centers on the other hand offered a what so called “self help programs” which involves personal treatment. I just don’t know if we have such treatments here in the country especially the religious counseling program being offered at South Carolina Alcohol Treatment center but i wish we had because these treatment centers will help a developing country like us to fight against the increasing growth of alcohol and drug addiction in the country.

Anyway, back to Lindsay, i am sure this new spin off of Mean Girl movie will be a big flop.

One thought on “Mean Girls Spin Off

  • February 10, 2011 at 9:06 am

    Paano kasi, ang tagal tagal na nung first movie, kaya tumanda na at pumangit si LiLo at di na bagay sa kanya ang role and movie…. Sayang talaga siya, she started great, but she didn't use her blessings well.


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