Keeping Rats Away!!!

Aside from us, there are other creatures who live in our house. They are the rats who used to be our enemies. So base on my experience, listed below are five useful tips to keep rats and mouse away from your house.

  • Keep Garbage and refuse cans tightly closed, and food in closed containers. Farmers should keep animal feed in rat-proof buildings or rooms.
  • Keep basement or storage room floors free of piled boxes or litter. Store things 10 to 12 inches above the floor. Leave no place you can’t get for regular cleaning.
  • Outside the home, keep spaces porches and steps open and clean. Don’t pile wood against the side of the house or garage. Keep lumber or other stored materials off the ground, with space underneath for cleaning.
  • If necessary, screen openings such as windows, doors and ventilators with 1/4 inch wire mesh. Keep doors closed  when not in use. If you have a door with a spring lock, make sure the screen is in good condition.
  • Close holes around pipes or drains with concrete or sheet metal. Keep floor drains tightly fastened.
  • Mouse traps are effective too.

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