Too Much Sleep Is Dangerous

Proper rest is important to health but too much sleep is dangerous. They said that people who sleep longer hours than are necessary have a higher death rate from  heart attacks  than those  who are normal sleepers. There are medical research showing that the death rate from strokes was considerably higher among those who slept nine or ten hours a night than those people who sleep for an averaged seven hours a night.

The coronary death rate was also higher for those who were long sleepers. Among those who slept ten or more hours a night, the death rate was 286 percent higher than for those who slept seven hours.

Sleep is important to Health. For most people eight hours is sufficient. Also, i don’t see any good reason to sleep for more than 9 hours unless you came from a very heavy work and you really need to rest but other than that, sleeping for such a long amount of time shows nothing but laziness.

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