Mirasol’s Tee Bag


My sister Mirasol made this lovely bag out of her old T Shirt. What a creative idea right?

I think what she did here is that she cut this Sailor Suit Inspired T Shirt in to half and take the upper portion of it. She sew all the openings including the armpit areas. Of course she left the main opening here. And then she make use of MY black and White checkered Scarf as the shoulder bag strap. Hey let me tell you that she used my scarf without my permission! Grrr. She didn’t add so many details since the T shirt Strife design is cool enough already. She only added two wooden buttons to make it more appealing.

Anyway, you did a great job here Mira even though you took my scarf without asking my permission. Kudos! Do you like it too? Start searching old clothes in your closet and make your own Tee Bag too.

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